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World Most 50 Amazing Websites In The World

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  1. Interesting Finds – Tons of jaw-droppingly cool products (updated daily)!

  2. The Outline – Whoa.

  3. Culture Trip – Travel, restaurants, and things to do!

  4. Seeker – Act on your curiosity. Observe and explore.

  5. The Mission – Stories about accelerated learning, tech, and definite optimism.

  6. Google Trends – See what’s trending on Google.

  7. Thought Economics – Interviews with the world’s leading thinkers.

  8. The Nerdwriter – Amazing video essays (YouTube placeholder, but still).

  9. TrendWatching – Consumer trends and insights from around the world.

  10. BetaList – Discover awesome startups (and get early access).

  11. Boxed – Online wholesale.

  12. Launchpad – Discover unique and unexpected tech products.

  13. Eater – For people who care about dining.

  14. Library of Congress – All these years and I never featured this!

  15. Square Mile – From the city of London.

  16. It’s Nice That – Championing creativity since 2007.

  17. Futurism – Transformative technologies maximizing human potential.

  18. Kinfolk – Design, interiors, arts, food and more.

  19. Mini Magazine – For the modern parent.

  20. Google Arts & Culture – Explore stories from around the world.

  21. Order of Man – Become the man you were meant to be.

  22. Fatherly – Win parenting.

  23. Kottke – Just awesome stuff. Can’t believe I haven’t featured this before!

  24. Si Le Soleil – A fun adventure (use Chrome to translate).

  25. More Then Just Parks – Sharing the wonders of America’s national parks.

  26. Magenta – People, technology and design.

  27. Cereal – Travel, style and city guides.

  28. Lonny – Women’s lifestyle.

  29. – Get a poem a day and more from the Academy of American Poets.

  30. University of the People – Tuition-free (accredited) online university.

  31. Heat Street – Free speech celebrated. No safe spaces.

  32. Pretty Stuff – The best inspiration curated.

  33. Upperlyne & Co. — A lifestyle blog.

  34. Trotter – Curated city guides.

  35. The Ringer – Sports.

  36. Wareable – Tech for your connected self.

  37. BOOOOOOOM – Create and inspire.

  38. General Store – A stylish shop for your house a more.

  39. Daily Overview – Showing Earth from above to change the way we see our planet.

  40. The Chalkboard – A guide to living well.

  41. Dessert for Two – Don’t click this if you’re hungry…

  42. How We Get To Next – Inspiring stories about the people building our future.

  43. Texting with Cancer – Just what it sounds like.

  44. Extra Crispy – Culture, food, video and more.

  45. Lavin Label – Entertainment, style and travel inspiration.

  46. Inverse – Covering what could happen next.

  47. Cool Material – Gear, articles and stuff guys want.

  48. Personal Growth – Keep learning, keep growing.

  49. Foodstirs – Modern Baking

  50. Citizens of the World – Travel exploration.

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Website & Apps
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