Top 5 Best Photo Editor Apps for Android 1. Adobe photo editor apps, 2. aviary, 3. Air Brush, 4. Bonfire photo editor pro, 5. Cup slice photo editor. - Google-Search

Top 5 Best Photo Editor Apps for Android 1. Adobe photo editor apps, 2. aviary, 3. Air Brush, 4. Bonfire photo editor pro, 5. Cup slice photo editor.

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1. Adobe photo editor apps

Adobe has the released a plethora of editing tools to the over the latest couple of the years.included are some of the real and the best photo editing apps available some of the options include adobe photoshop express adobe photoshop mix, and the lightroom. each one of the real and various features to the help you do things you will be the ability to the simple stuff like removing red eye to editing RAW files taken by your smartphones or DSLR camera.


2. aviary

aviary is another longtime popular photo editor with the good set of the features and reliability. like for the most it will feature a one-touch enhance for the more in case you are feeling lazy today but it also comes with a variety of the manual adjustments to let you do things like adjusting the color, brightness, temperature, contrast, saturation, and more. this one also comes with stickers.


3. Air Brush

Airbrush is the great photo editing app if you take for a lot of selfie specializes in quick fixes and edits made to the face and skin including a blemish remover, and teeth whitening a function to make eyes look brighter reshaping tools and of course, plenty of filters to add some pizzazz. it’s not as good as its high google play rating would indicate but it’s still above average for the most of the tools are one click which makes all off it exceptionally easy to use as well.


4. Bonfire photo editor pro

bonfire photo editor is one of several increasingly popular photo editor apps. This one is also pretty good. It has the very basics which include filters along with basic editing tools. What makes Bonfire a lot of fun, though, is the sheer number of filters that it supports. It comes with your usual stuff like black and white, HDR, etc but it also comes with some unique ones such as Fancy, a filter that turns your photos.


5. Cup sliced Photo Editor

cups sliced is another photo editor that relies heavily on things like filters to deliver a good experience. On top of filters, the app features a ton of stickers and the developers try hard to keep up with the latest trends so your stickers are usually up to date. The filters can also be customized to give the look you want.



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