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Top 20 World best Blogs and websites

Food & Drinks

1. Melissa Clark – Melissa Clark is a well-known food writer and cookbook author. Melissa has written 32 cookbooks in total. Her recipes are reliable and delicious.

2. Green Kitchen Stories – Vegetarian recipes are the focus of this blog, which is written by a family. The design of the site is gorgeous and unique and packed full of colorful photos.

3. Happy Yolks – Happy Yolks is a blog written by Kelsey and Shaun two individuals with a passion for good food and drink and the good life. They post recipes that encourage the use of local, organic foods and take some really great photos as well.

4. Girl Versus Dough – Stephanie Wise, a self-described self-taught baker, writes the Girl Versus Dough blog. Her recipes include a wide variety of baked goods, as well as some savory vegetarian dishes.

5. David Lebovitz – David Lebovitz lives in Paris, France, and blogs about the food he makes (often pastries) and eats. He is known for working with Alice Waters at Chez Panisse in Berkley, CA.

6. Lottie and Doof – Tim started the blog in 2008 out of an interest in food, hosting dinners, and food politics. Now Tim identifies himself as a food writer, recipe developer, and occasional photographer. He writes from Chicago.

7. Lobster Squad – What sets the Lobster Squad apart is its drawings. Instead of food photos, this blog has sweet drawings that make the site. The blog is written by an illustrator living in Spain, who also cooks up a lot of good food.

8. Stone Soup – Stone Soup keeps true to its tagline of “delicious, healthy food in minutes”. Many of the recipes have just five ingredients or less — with many of the ingredients being vegetables.

9. Arugula Files – The author of this blog is learning to cook and eat better by shopping at farmer’s markets and cooking at home. Posts on the blog also cover favorite cookbooks and restaurants and other foodie topics.

10. Culinate – Pinch My Salt is written by a woman named Nicole with a true enthusiasm for cooking. Nicole loves to cook fresh food in her California kitchen and her cooking style is influenced by the four years she spent living in Sicily.

11. Eating Brooklyn – Eating Brooklyn is a food photography blog that captures food stories in and around Brooklyn. The posts are mainly about food, but sometimes take a brief detour to focus on life in Brooklyn.

12. Kiss My Spatula – The author of this blog describes it best herself: “Food is a blend of the scents and memories of my eastern heritage, along with unearthed ingredients, flavors, and techniques of my western upbringing”. One of the most unique features of this blog is the offering of music pairings for certain blog posts or meals.

13. Aggie’s Kitchen – Aggie’s Kitchen focuses on what the blogger calls “healthy food” with the occasional treat. Recipes include whole, fresh ingredients and tend to be vegetarian (although the blogger is not exclusively a vegetarian).

14. Traveler’s Lunchbox – A Traveler’s Lunch Box is a blog all about food and travel. It is written by one blogger, Melissa, as she moves and travels around the globe discovering new and tasty foods.

15. Tastespotting – Tastespotting is a very popular food photography blog with the appropriate tagline of “a community driven visual potluck”. Photos are pulled from a variety of sites and blogs. Visiting Tastespotting is an excellent way to look at gorgeous photos and discover new food sites.

16. Beyond the Plate – Beyond the Plate features inspiring photographs of food, food producers, kitchens, and chefs as well as a few recipes.

17. Not Without Salt – Not Without Salt is a well known food blog that posts recipes for foods that are simple, classic, fresh, and salted. The photographs on the site are plentiful and beautiful.

18. Dinner a Love Story – DALS is a website written for parents trying to get a healthy dinner on the table. The blog also talks about how dinnertime is more than a time to eat. It is a time for families and friends to be together and to share conversation.

19. Nordiques – Nordljus is a site devoted to food, kitchen, and farm photography and the occasional recipe.

20. She Simmers – Thai home cooking is the focus of this blog, which is written by Leela. Leela is interested in “philology, history, linguistics, and all things culinary”all of these topics routinely are featured on the site.


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