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Top 10 Most Useful Health Tips and Tricks


1. My smear campaign. Have a pop smear once a year. Not in our favorite topics list, but it’s important. Cervical cancer kills 200,000 women per year and is the most prevalent form of cancer in black women, affecting more than 30 percent.

But there are almost 100 percent of survival opportunities if the early survival. Be careful especially if you are sexually active at a young age, multiple sex partners or smoke.

2. Strike Thorns. There are more than 240 allergies, some rare and others are very common. If you’re a sneaker due to pollen: Close your car’s windows while driving, instead of the internal fan (from the outside to the air), and do not avoid pollen calculations between 5 hours and 10 hours at their highest level; Stay away from holidays and freshly cut grass in areas where low pollen counts such as seaside.

3. Dongguan. If you are allergic to your cat, dog, badge or piglet, stop the pain of the animal tiger: install an air filter in your home.

Put your pet as far as possible and brush him outside the home to remove loose hair and other allergens. Better yet, so let’s ask someone else.

4. Asthma-friendly sports. Swimming is an asthma-friendly sport, but cycling, boat, fishing, sailing, and walking are also the good expert opinion.

Asthma does not prevent high performance in sport. 1% of the US Olympic team were asthmatic – between them, they won 41 medals.

5. Deep Heat. The sun rays can be burned even under thick glass, and underwater. 35% UVB rays and UVA rays cover 85% thick glass, 50% UVA rays for UVB and 75% UVA rays spread to the meter of water and wet cotton.

6. Aging Fragrance. If you want your skin to be young, keep the smell of coconut oil or orange smudge from the flavor or flavorful moisturizing lotions. These lotions have psoralen, which accelerates the aging process. Use a fake-tone lotion. Avoid sunshine bunches, like the sun.

7. Sunscreen is a smoke screen. You can not stop sunburn from having a sunburn or reduce the risk of developing skin cancer. Most people do not apply it properly, and the sun is too long because it is.

The solution? Every day is a slaughter on the sunscreen and you’re in the water again. How much? At least enough to fill a shot glass.

8. Laugh and Cry. It is good to be very sad. So there is laughter, which is shown to help the body heal, as well as broken hearts. Studies in Japan suggest that laughter increases the immune system and helps in shelling allergic reactions.

9. It’s not until it ends. The closing relationships you have for yourself as long as you’re late at the end of the day. Head for more meaningful things. You’re trying to breathe into something that has long gone if you get caught in a meaningful rot.

10. Strong people go for help. Ask for help. Your teeth in the dark cannot get you extra wheat points. It is a symbol of strength to ask for help and people respect you for it.

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