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Future Technology of mobile phones Full Review


1. Future Technology of Mobile Phones

Over the years, device manufacturers have explored ways to increase the security of the device and allow users to skip that pesky pin. Many devices now have fingerprint or iris scanners, both of which can be hacked.

The first experiments in facial recognition are also technical, since that technology frauds with the photo of the user’s face. New and emerging facial recognition techniques simply do not scan facial features, New York Times reports; It scans the shape of the face and head of a person so that the software is very difficult to collapse.

As a new identity measurement for device unlocking, but while smartphone sensors are developing, your phone can eventually identify you without scanning you. Instead, it will be visible for your other special features like your voice tone, the path you move or the model of your typing.

2. Your phone may change reality

Think of shopping online and see how your book shelf looks in your office or you can watch your coat or your new coat on your daughter.

The Agnetized Reality (AR) has already made a splash in the gaming world, but the future technology of mobile phones AR is mainly in industry, including retail, tech support and healthcare.

Many mobile device manufacturers have already released AR toolkits for mobile app development. App developers can access the device camera and motion sensors and develop developers and create apps that move digital objects around the camera’s live view and move around accurate ones.

As this technology evolution continues, the next phase smartphones can not just capture and change the images, but rather introduce them into the virtual world. Digital protocolors and holographic displays are already under development, T3 reports, but this technology may be several years before it could be inexpensive and reliable for much use.

The AR and Virtual Reality (VR) are both at the meeting and the showcase center of the Mobile World Congress with hot elements in 2018. NEXTech Hall has 8.0 VR / AR, robotics, drones and fresh development in artificial intelligence.

3. Your phone will be more durable, flexible and foldable

In a few years it will be very difficult to break your phone, and you can eventually fold it up and put it in your pocket. According to Fortune, after years of hype about comfortable smartphone screens, this may eventually be the market hits year.

Recent MacWorld reported that new equipment manufacturers are also experimenting to strengthen the glass used on smartphone screens. Some wearable devices already use the blue glass, and the researchers have significant consequences on self-prevention screen and are a more durable material called graphene glass. Mobile World Congress 2018 dedicated a demonstration site called the Graphene Pavilion to demonstrations and discussions on how to transform this topic into a mobile area.

Several mobile device manufacturers have already released AR toolkits for  The toolkits enable app developers to access a device’s camera and motion sensors and create apps that lay digital objects on top of the camera’s live view and move them around with precision.

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