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4 Inspiring eLearning Education Alternatives Websites


1. Open Culture

Open Culture

Open Culture is a website where free online educational opportunities are curated. Learners can sign up to take classes on a variety Being able to apply knowledge to everyday tasks—this is what training is all about! If you work in the field of retail trade, you may wish to if your employees know how and where to place goods in the store.

Maybe you would like to make sure that the catering staff can set a table properly, or that your employees who work with machines can choose the correct tools for the job. of subjects that are offered by a variety of colleges and universities. This website is designed to give students of any age access to online learning.

2. Open Yale Courses

Open Yale Courses

There’s an obvious attraction to taking free online classes from Yale. After all, who wouldn’t want to learn something from an Ivy League instructor? Now your learners can sort things by category or move items to the right place. Besides assessing your employees’ knowledge, this activity can hone their professional skills to a razor’s edge.

Open Yale works because it gives almost any curious person the chance to take courses led by Yale instructors.

3. Academic Earth

Academic Earth

Academic Earth probably brings the most unique that there is. This is the idea that education should be accessible worldwide. This level of access is convenient for many students but potentially lifesaving for students in underprivileged areas.

Be sure to implement microlearning principles and create short 5-7 minute videos with one key idea covered. This approach makes things easier for the learners and the instructor. Your viewers will be able to easily get information in small chunks, recap, and navigate through small courses. And you can easily update the course if needed.

A refreshing shift happened when SaaS technology started to take hold. Because it’s so easy for customers to switch SaaS systems, they are no longer stuck with bad learning technology. So, vendors have to be on their toes and focus a ton of effort on satisfying customers and helping them succeed.
They usually don’t have the time or expertise to do it themselves, so this gesture is appreciated. A big side benefit of doing this is that you can get referenceable case studies, send out Press releases, and list the awards on your website to reinforce how successful your customers are.

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